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Monday, April 18, 2016

Netflix Horror Reviews (April 2016)

Some Kind of Hate (2015)
A ghost story about a bullied sorta-emo kid who meets/summons a ghost who kills his bullies. The bullied weirdo hooks up with a hot girl whose motivations aren't that believable. She's the highlight of the film because she's a decent actor and she looks like this:
Rich CW bitch sipping her Mocha Frappuccino that I paid for with my Netflix subscription.
The movie is more brutal than expected for a cast made up of teens. But ultimately the characters are pretty shallow and the plotholes involving the ghost get tiresome. She's a ghost that bleeds and leaves messages written in her blood. She was killed with unexplained brutality and can now kill anyone. The only thing I'd kill for is to be that dirty Frappuccino.

Houndbound (2014)
New Zealand likes its horror quirky. But there's more to this directorial debut than meets the quirk.
It's another ghost story, but it's funny and with a much more likable lead than that last pile of ghost-dookie. The less said about the plot, the better, but it involves a girl confined to a haunted house by law. It's a bit like Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs meets Peter Jackson's Brain Dead/Dead Alive, except without the obscenely gross gore. It starts slow, but stay with it and you'll find a real classic. Hopefully it's the start of a great career. Or the end of one.

The Babadook (2014)
On the flip side, this one's a bit overrated. If you even casually watch horror, you've seen The Babadook by now because each year the mainstream critics choose just one horror movie to love. Last year it was It Follows and this year it's The Witch. A creepy storybook character come to life is an unsettling idea, but I can't help wish this was less of a domestic drama.
I wanted it to take a turn into a scarier, more surreal realm, but it only flirts with a realm of terror. Lead actress Essie Davis does a killer job, however, of helping us identify with her child's fears. And not just because of her lack of makeup.