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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There's a Dick Miller documentary

If you've seen his face, you're either a horror fan or you watch terrible 70s TV.
"Aaaaaayyy, I'm like that guy in that otha' show with the leatha' jacket but not at all. Aaaaayyy!" It's great seeing a hard-working character actor such as Miller get his own tribute documentary. I'll always remember him as that guy I furiously whacked off to in Evil Toons. No wait, that was Monique Gabrielle. Come to think of it, she'd make an even better documentary subject!
Miller's Evil Toons role was great though, because he played a "Dick Miller" type guy watching his own character-actor roles on TV. Looks like the old sonofabitch is finally getting his due!
Let's hope the trend of documentaries continues! Now to actually watch the damn thing!