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Thursday, April 2, 2015

RANT Review: Bleeding Hearts (2015)

UGH. Fuck you Robert Loggia. Fuck you Dustin Diamond. And fuck. You indie exploitation filmmakers. Both of those actors are actually in this no-budget, no-effort movie and they're the reason I watched it.
I lied. I clearly watched it for actresses Seregon O'Dassey and Suzi Lorraine.
HERE'S MY BEEF: Why oh why can't an exploitative indie horror mess, that gives us the sleazy goods, be technically well made? It's truly not hard! I took film courses in school, but you don't have to to make something that's well plotted, well photographed, interesting and most of all: passionate! Just because you have a little budget doesn't mean it has to be this amateur hour bullhockey. I'm speaking of indie exploitation. Indie horror, on the other hand, does it well all the time. Just look at the genius of 2011's Absentia which had a $70,000 budget.
On IMDB it lists this movie's budget as $1.2 million. That is not Japanese Yen. The only explanation is that it went towards paying Robert Loggia and the heroin Dustin Diamond injects in his taint.
And the humor... don't even get me started on the humor.
In short, I'm furious about what movies like this could be. And fuck you Tony Todd.