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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Worrying Road of the "It" Remake

Things looked promising when Cary Fukunaga, the director of the first season of True Detective, was chosen to write and direct a two part remake of Stephen King's It. Prior to True Detective, Fukunaga helmed the award-winning, gritty Mexican flick Sin Nombre.
Andres Muschietti is apparently the new director behind the remake that for some reason has to happen. He made the legitimately scary 2008 short Mama, then made the very weak feature version Mama, which was critically and commercially successful.
Mama went for being a cute PG-13 fairy tale as opposed to a hardcore horror movie. It would be a smart career move for Muschietti to do this again with It, but it wouldn't please the fanbase. Critics always like the E.T. stories and shit on grisly fare like The Thing.
And then there's this brat, who'll probably play Pennywise. Hopefully he'll subvert the director's advice and creep the shit out of us. Thankfully, "it" is the best description I can think of for this kid.
The make-up jobs they churn out in these ubiquitous remakes are also commonly dispassionate, case-in-point Freddy in that 2010 bullhockey. This softball crap is the reason that Martyrs director Pascal Laugier jumped ship on the Hellraiser remake, which I dare not think about.

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  1. I hope this never happens. The second-half of the original is bad enough.