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Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogger Problems: Shitty Screeners

They tease us with nice cover art, name actors or the simple art of being free. It kills me a little bit inside when a film producer wants you to promote his/her assfart of a horror movie. If you're hitting up the internet for promotion, have something someone is going to remember.
I visit sooo many horror sites that give kind reviews/promos of horror that's clearly terrible because they "just want to be nice." If you do this, I believe you're contributing to the bad reputation of the genre. Encouraging lazy filmmaking isn't for the better of the genre in the long run. 2011's phenomenal Absentia, made for less than $100,000, is proof that creativity, talent and passion are the key ingredients to making a classic. Marc Fratto is a director that puts out one hysterical movie after another, making the most out of low low budgets.
Blog with care, friends. Don't besmirch your reputation by recommending a joke. And yes, I know the word besmirch; I went to the university of hard knocks. Or at least the trade school...

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