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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Video Game Spotlight #4

The Last of Us (Playstation 3)

Why am I writing about games so much? I haven't seen many movies this year that are worth blogging about, honestly. It was a better year for horror games than horror peliculas. That's foreign for "movies."
Even the ghost knows the movie he's in is a piece of sheet. Oh no wait, maybe that's just... Anyway, the newest product from PS3 game developer "Naughty Dog" is the year's biggest horror game and probably biggest game period. It's very adult, in both content and maturity, it's the most gorgeous console game yet, and it plays like butta. That's Jewish for "butter."
The story is long and extremely involving because of the relationship between middle-aged Joel and 14-year-old Ellie, and the stakes involved in the two of them walking across the country to their goal. You quickly learn it's gonna be a long, hard road through hell. Diseased zombie-humans have infected most of humanity.
Once again, the game is uber brutal. You'll constantly be worrying that one of the main characters will be permanently killed off in the story, which may or may not actually happen. The character animation and voice-acting are mesmerizing and constantly walk the line between game and reality. Now I sound like one of them fully-erect critics, don't I? But watching Ellie fiddle around in an empty room while I play Joel really is mesmerizing. When you're searching for ammo or collectibles, the Ellie character will explore whatever's in the room and occasionally engage in small-talk like a real person.
Above are the two actors that shaped who the characters ended up being. Many people thought the voice of Ellie was either Ellen Page or her twin sister Justin Bieber, but it was actress Ashley Johnson.
If you have reservations about the game just being pretty, it's a lot more than that. Running, gunning, hiding, climbing, swimming and collecting all feel amazing because of how fluid it controls. I've never enjoyed a movie-like experience that was quite this fluid. No Tomb Raiders allowed.
Play it to the end and it'll be one of your all-time favorites. Play it a second time and consider a gym membership.

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