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Monday, November 25, 2013

Video Game Spotlight #3

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Playstation 3, PS Vita)

Having just wrapped my first playthrough of the PS Vita version, I am scared. Of this game. I urge horror fans, who have one of the game systems, to experience it. It's weird being a lone white guy in a strange world, with a grin on my face, popping a pill to fall asleep and having strange dreams, but enough about me. Let's talk about the eerily similar game. The real things that make this 2D, indie, survival-horror game scary are the amazing sound-effects and the fact that the protagonist of the game is clearly insane from the get-go.
Looks like a grin, eh? It's a surgical mask he's wearing because he's the supposed lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic city where monsters dwell. The mystery as to what's going on is slowly uncovered, as the protagonist shoots demons, has bizarre recurring dreams and occasionally talks to inanimate objects. It's clearly inspired by Silent Hill in various good ways. He travels through mirrors, descends into basements from hell, and fights enemies that are distorted and generally hard to identify.
If you happen to have a PS Vita and a PS3, one of the coolest features is both cross-buy and cross-save. You get copies for both systems if you buy one of them and you can load the same game no matter what system you're playing on, by uploading your save to a cloud. All in all, the game doesn't have the most satisfying endings (there are multiple), but it's the journey and not the destination. It's the best horror game I've played during this generation of gaming.