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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Underrated Horror Movies of the Aughts (Part 1)

Your friendly neighborhood creeper here with a post regarding 2000s horror movies. I'm fixated on the last decade because it was a landmark period in horror. My last list about the 2000s dealt with overrated horror films, so I'm much more excited to talk about these. Without much further ado, here are some thoughtful thoughts about some overlooked masterpieces of the genre. I know I'm leaving out some great stuff, which is why this is only a first post. I still haven't seen some that are considered new classics like Enter the Void. And don't worry, I'll get to Calvaire, when I do my POS list.

Five Across the Eyes (2006)
So many insightful comments were hurled at this one and they went something like this: "Worst! Movie! Ever!" I guess I wouldn't expect the IMDB crowd to offer much more, but it's quite telling that so many people took the time to be so vocal about a movie that most will never see. It begins with a van full of high school girls on a dark stretch of road while on a trip. The movie has a fantastic sense of atmosphere, taking place completely within their van. Literally every shot of the movie is from within the van, which gives it an extremely tense and claustrophobic current throughout. Check it out if you haven't and give it another chance if you are an idiot who hated it. I know, I know, it looks like it was filmed on an iPhone. Big fucking deal; it's great and keeps you, like its characters, constantly on edge. The whole thing is currently on Youtube:

Izo (2004)
One of Miike's most torturous films that's just as unrelenting as its subject. It's the story of real life 19th century samurai Izo Okada. He was one of the most feared assassins in the history of Japan and we get to see why in this journey through his afterlife. The movie is like a stream of consciousness trip through Izo's unconsciousness that forces him to come face-to-face with never-ending demonic forces. He realizes he's met most of them before as he slices and dices his way into the next life. For all its blood and gore, Izo is a highly philosophical and spiritual karmic tale. Although I shouldn't be surprised. After all, it's a Japanese story about Japan's history of violence that weaves its spirit through time and space.

Sinful (2006)
A mind-tripping, trippy mind-trip into the tripped mind of Tony Marsiglia. Pretty trippy phrasing, eh? What I mean is filmmaker Tony Marsiglia truly poured his disturbed psyche into this one. He hadn't been known for being a by-the-book writer/director, but this was the first time he really seemed to aspire to hold nothing back. It still had plently of nudity required by producer Michael Raso of Seduction Cinema, but Marsiglia was at last able to do a film with Misty Mundae that wasn't sculpted around sexy situations. A slew of underground fans appreciated it too. It was a freeing project for everyone involved. Misty was beginning to become Erin Brown by spreading her wings in a part she could really get lost in. You'll feel lost as well by the time the credits roll, in a little world that strangely came alive.