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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Worst Idea for a Blog Post Ever

Yup, the worst idea for a blog post ever is making a blog post about the worst idea for a blog post ever. So here it is: HORROR: THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO a.k.a. if all your favorite horror icons made one terrific, terrible song (promoting movies they're plugging, of course). Oh god, I've seriously posted this? I feel naked right now. I feel like the white guy in the 90s band All 4 One, photobombing my black neighbors.
Speaking of terrible music, back to the idea. It would go something like, Clive Barker feat. Tobin Bell feat. Sid Haig feat. The Soska Sisters feat. Lloyd Kaufman.
Then the current crop of jackass hipsters like Ti West and David Bruckner as a backup a cappella group.
Play it straight boys (for once), no chaser! For the love of god, no chaser. And what about Ernest Dickerson as the Stevie Wonder of the group. But wait, there's another cameo! It's Robert Englund!
Mmmm... I wanna Miley all over his Cyrus. Let's get Brad Dourif in here for a Chucky rap!
Thank you to anyone who read the above. I just had to get all that out of my system.

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