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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Uber-Babe Barbara Crampton

Just bask in these pictures of her now. The long-time, New York born, scream queen is 53 years old! And she looks like this!
Not only does she look amazing for her age, but she has also been through hell in the last several years. In a recent interview in Fangoria, she came clean about recovering from being severely ill. She developed two parasites in her system, from a trip to Mexico, and was bed-ridden for two years. According to her, it was a powerful virus named Epstein-Barr that wasn't caught in time. She was on heavy medications for those years. Luckily she had her family to help her pull through and now has a clean bill of health.
She has since shot a new horror movie after getting her life back on track. It's a home-invasion horror movie called "You're Next." It hasn't been released yet, but Lionsgate has the rights. She plays the mom, much like she now does in real life. Of all actresses who took a career break, Barbara's comeback story stands high at the top.
Above is a picture of the You're Next cast. I hope we haven't seen the last of her collaborations with Stuart Gordon either. But whatever she does next, I know it'll be energized and sexy because of her presence. Here's to her health.

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