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Monday, August 27, 2012

Get Them Clothes Off Bitch!

No I'm not talking to you.... most likely. Rather I'm talking about my favorite kind of exploitation scene evar! Feeling a scene coming in a movie where a woman is about to be forced out of her knickers gives me a red hot jolly rancher! That's sadly the entire reason this post exists, but I swear that it's leading to a post listing my favorite scenes that fall under this category. That'll be one of my very next posts, just let me think about it a little while longer. It's the most deviant kind of scene that feeds my inner 13-year-old peeping tom. My inner any-year-old really. I just wanna run to the top of that hill from The Sound of Music and sing my love for babes gettin' forced outta their jammies. It was at its height during the nazi exploitation era, catering to an audience that enjoyed sexual humiliation that didn't go as far as rape. It was best when it knew where to draw the line. You still see it occasionally, like with actress Dreama Walker in 2012's "Compliance," pictured above. C'mon ladies, a flick with a guy gettin' forced outta his clothes'd be pretty hot too right? You can level with me.

Ooooh. And what about that Maggie Gyllenhaal in practically every R-rated film she's done.


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    1. Thank you for the most ironic comment ever.