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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Piranhaconda (2012) Syfy Movie

So was anyone watching TV last night and felt like torturing themselves by watching the "Syfy" channel? By the way, "Syfy"? What the *uck? Anyway, on the SCI-FI channel last night, there was an original movie that aired called "Piranhaconda." Oh yeaaaaah! Piranhas and anacondas gettin' freakay. How exactly would that happen? If the movie showed it, please let me know because I didn't see it. Especially let me know if it showed you fine slobs in graphic CGI detail.
I missed the movie for obvious reasons, but I'm gonna do my best to track it down now. Why? Because from the trailer, it has some insanely fine women in it. Like Rachel Hunter down there assuming the gorilla stance. I shouldn't be surprised though. That piranhaconda clearly want the huns who got buns.
The chick who really caught my eye was this chica right here:
Syd Wilder. Never heard of her, but she's a babe wouldn't you say?
Oh yeah, piranhaconda likes what he sees. High five big man! Oh, right... Anyway, this movie was directed by the one and only Jim Wynorski. That's right, the highly-esteemed director of classics like "Para-Knockers Activity." I sincerely hope he keeps Syd in his stable of whores. Sorry, that was crass. But c'mon, there's only one reason this movie exists. Well that and some sort of crap quota that Syfy annually needs to fill. I'm sure it'll be on DVD with some additional Wynorski footage soon.

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