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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drive (2011) Review

Warning: This movie contains blank stares, stereotypes, mildly existent dialogue and a lot of filler music.

I was lookin' forward to it since it's finally on Instant Netlfix. I also heard that Albert Brooks got a Best Supporting Actor nod, in brief synopses I read. I also remembered seeing a TV spot telling me to buy it on Blu-Ray. "No, that's okay," I responded. Well I'm sad to report that it's just as polished as a TV spot, but also just as empty. Ryan Gosling plays a getaway driver and Hollywood stuntman who is somehow a badass that can kill anyone without making a facial expression.
Studio movies know their audience, I guess, because a lot of people ate this shit up. It seems the studios have come to the point where they figure all they have to do to make a protagonist relatable is have HIM be a moderately handsome white guy. Didn't work on me though. I was fighting the urge to fall asleep about half-way through and I can't remember the last time that happened. I literally screamed at the screen when Ryan Gosling stared inside a bathroom for like 15 straight seconds. This self-indulgent actor apparently removed all the dialogue from the script he didn't deem necessary and it ended up being most of the dialogue. This was a bad move. The rest of the characters are just as thin. Albert Brooks is an Italian mob guy who runs things out of a pizza joint. Seriously? And Ron Perlman is the fuck-spouting out-of-place Jew enforcer for Brooks. They make it very clear: He's Jewish and the "family" disrespects him by calling him a kike. Gosling disposes of Perlman's character while wearing his weird stuntman mask for no reason.
Carey Mulligan plays the single mother in distress who lives next door to Gosling's character. She's waiting for her husband to get released from prison and when he does, he wants her affections back. Did I mention he's Hispanic? Since he's a stereotype, he owes money to some tough guys from inside. He must not be relatable because of the Hispanic thing because he's killed off in a very expendable way. Christina Hendricks is also wasted in a bit-part with barely any dialogue; I'm looking at you Mr. Gosling. Things come down to Gosling against Brooks and in a terribly throwaway scene, mute-boy wins. Mulligan's character will never forget her stallion but I sure as hell will.
Rating: 1.5 out of 5. The music is really good and like I said, the film is frequently beautiful. However, Taxi Driver this is not.

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  1. Just watched this film. I thought it was pretty good. I wasn't blown away by it but it was a strong movie.