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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuart Gordon: Exploitation Master

Of course he is much more than just that, as he has proved with his masterpiece The Black Cat which wasn't just trashy fun. But it is definitely an honor worthy of being atop his beautiful resume.
I just watched Dolls for the first time and thought I would pay a little tribute to the big master. If you haven't seen Dolls, you can catch it on Netflix Instant. It's worth it. It's definitely an unappreciated Gordon masterwork with some surprising humor, mainly at the end.
The following are the reasons I am in love with horror's demented Uncle Santa Claus:
Show the beautiful leading lady naked at an appropriate time when we've become smitten with her: Check!
Hit us with some intense gore and/or a grotesque monster when we least expect it: Check!
Afford great effects even on a meager budget: Check!
Infuse tongue-in-check and cathartic humor that's oh so black: Check!
Use Jeffrey Combs every different which-way you can: Check!
The reason we haven't seen a movie from him lately is because his play "Nevermore" is touring the country with Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allen Poe. Gordon has come full circle, as he began his career in the theater. In his young days, he actually locked a crowd of one of his plays inside the theater to add to the terror. Let's hope he comes to a town near you! I guess I better act naughty in this case to get on his naughty and nice list.


  1. Re-Animator alone put him in the legend category.

  2. Totally. I'm glad that's not all we saw from him though. We really need some more horror from him.