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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Buy Waves Good Buy

First video rental stores like Blockbuster and now the stores that sell videos. They seem to be on their way out and the landscape is looking like a brave new world. Yeah right! When pigs fly!
Oh damn.... well, they asked for it, if you ask me. Bad customer service like trying to cheat people and not honoring warranties, overstocking in Apple products, and downsizing their disc selection to make room for overpriced computers and Blu-Rays are just some of the reasons they caused their own demise.
In my town I used to turn to Suncoast for independent horror movies and other hard-to-find stuff. They took pride in stocking some things that catered to people like me, as well as having a genuine atmosphere. Their tiny stores just couldn't compete with Best Buy though, so they went bankrupt. Then I turned to Best Buy and found they also made room for independent films like the vintage gold and vintage crap of EI Cinema. After exchanging some awkward looks with the cashier, my fifteen-year-old self walked out with a Betty Boop cartoon box set and a 2-disc copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde. I ended up choosing that movie because of its classy title instead of the equally sleazy Filthy McNasty. Or its sequel entitled Filthy McNastiest.
I enjoyed the selection for about two years before they stopped carrying anything without the name Weinstein somewhere on it. Now the big daddies are going bankrupt. I'm always happy to see a rich corporation fall, especially when they get big enough to where they expose to everyone the contempt they have for their own customers. Look out for sales at your local stores!

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