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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Burning Moon (1992) DVD

The infamous German gore extravaganza is finally gonna be available everywhere on DVD March 13. I saw it years ago when it was recommended by Tim Wambolt through his depraved website "The Slaughterhouse" which ranked the most violent death scenes of all time. The Burning Moon was always in the top 10 on his increasingly long list.
From the camera it is shot on, to the actors, to the locations, it is instantly apparent that this was true independent filmmaking. And the special effects, at their best are believably astounding. That's what no-respect-for-horror Hollywood will never understand. Intimate practical effects made with the utmost passion will never really age.
When talking about his experience seeing The Burning Moon, Mr. Beaks at Ain't It Cool News said, "When the Germans make a horror movie, they make a fucking horror movie." I respect films that are categorized as real horror because they are the bravest kind of filmmaking. They go for it. The last 15 minutes of the movie are never as enjoyable as the first time you watch, so have fun. They are ballsy enough to spend this time in a unique vision of hell. Angel Heart eat your heart out. Gulp.
Part of me wishes The Burning Moon never saw a proper wide release because it isn't as rare a gem anymore, but another part of me is glad it's finally here like this because the transfer might be better. There is also reportedly a 47-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. Catch this one from Intervision releasing, not Unearthed Films, whom I expected because they usually release this type of movie. Maybe Ittenbach will actually see some profits from this thing now.

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