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Friday, February 10, 2012

Jesus Horror

Religion and horror have always gone hand in hand. Don't believe me? Well to hell with you! Just look at the images below! Warning: Post kinda contains sorta spoilers. Kinda. N stuff.

Hellraiser - Jesus Wept! I'll say!

Altered States - Jesus on cloth. Quick! Sell it on Ebay!

Strange Things Happen at Sundown - Jesus on a rug that a vampire lays on. I pray more people see this movie.

Anti-Christ - The movie's logo. It was the most Christy or Anti-Christy the movie got in imagery as I recall.
Except for this scene at the end.
Image courtesy of random Google Image search.

Carrie - The mother in Carrie. There's some kind of symbolism here. I don't quite get it. Boy I'm sure glad they didn't club me over the head with it.

Stigmata - Patricia Arquette in Stigmata. Holy shit she's hot. And a thoughtful exercise in subtlety once again.

Nun of That - Jesus's musical number. He's a superstar.

I'm sure there are some obvious images of Jesus I'm forgetting. Let me know. Seriously, leave a comment! Jesus Christ!

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