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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Women Behind Horror

I've been meaning to do a post on women filmmakers in horror, because it's a growing trend.
Below is a video from a documentary horror series called Bloody Breasts. It's a panel of female horror filmmakers discussing their projects and being a woman making horror movies.
One of the most interesting things discussed, besides their films, is having to defend their work not to men but to other women. They say that men tend to be more supportive than the average woman. The panel video is broken up in several parts. That is only part one.

Former editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine, Jovanka Vuckovic, has become a filmmaker. Below is her video diary on making her film The Captured Bird and struggling to do what she does.

French filmmaker Izabel Grondin has her own website where you can look at her work. It's called Make sure you can have Google translate her page as it is in French. Here is one short film of hers.

Here is another interview with a female horror maestra. Mary Harron is most famous for directing American Psycho with the psychotic Christian Bale. As you can tell, she is extremely successful.

Here's a trailer for an indie feature made by Elza Kephart.

And of course who could forget Emily Hagins who made the zombie movie Pathogen at the age of 12. She was the subject of the documentary Zombie Girl: The Movie. You can find the review of that in my archives. Here she gets to screen her newer film The Retelling at the Alamo Drafthouse.

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