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Friday, January 13, 2012

Room in Rome (2010) Review

Erotic Spanish movie Room in Rome stars Elena Anaya who played Antonio Banderas's woman in The Skin I Live In, and another ridiculously good-looking woman named Natasha Yarovenko who gets it on carpet-cleaner style.
So Natasha's creatively named character "Natasha" is at first reluctant to sex it up with Alba (played to perfection by Anaya) because she doesn't do that but she gives in because she has eyes in her head. I believe the exact words she uses to signify her change in mind are "would you like to see me naked?" And soon we are. As you can tell, this movie doesn't like its foreplay. It's almost disappointing. I mean don't get me wrong, these are some attractive lesbians, but I like my gay porn with a little more story first.
But it's not softcore because it has classical music blasting every 20 seconds, so it's "classy." They don't actually have sex that instant though. Alba wakes up to find Natasha gone. She murmurs, "I lose more lesbians that way." Not really, but she thought it. Then Natasha realizes she left her phone in Alba's room, so she goes back and then they do have ze sex.
And then there are moments involving teasing, telling each other about how they became women, singing into hairbrushes, lying, and the number 69. But here's the twist. It must've been much more fun to make than to watch because Elena Anaya is now involved with a woman for real!
I give it a 3 out of 5 because the two women do actually fall deeply in love in the end, and the last 15 minutes actually were quite touching in their sweetness even though the movie is one fluffer short of being a porn.


  1. HILARIOUS. Such a good closing line. "One fluffer short of being a porn."


    1. Thanks Kev, it definitely isn't worth seeing, just go to metacafe to see the "highlight" reel if you have too much time on your hands like me.

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