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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Exploitation Women Spotlight #5

Suzi Lorraine (a.k.a. Kelly Summers a.k.a. Suzi Leigh)

Suzi, Suzi, Suzi. Here's one b-movie starlet that actually has come a long way (no sarcasm, I swear). Watch out for her because she's hot right now instead of from some bygone era.

When she was younger, she started out showing her lovely body in any sleazy "film" that would have her. She was part of two different but related troupes of sleaze starlets in the early 2000s. Seduction Cinema employed her a handful of times as did WAVE Productions. You can watch her tits doing most of the acting in Spider Babe, Satan's School for Lust, and Lord of the G-Strings from Seduction Cinema during its heyday. WAVE is the much lower budgeted and fetish-based of the two. When I say they were fetish-based I mean it and the reason they were low-budget was because each VHS tape was independently financed by a customer who would put up the money and describe to WAVE just what they wanted in the video. The website would then make it using a select group of women and sell it for everyone to buy online. Apparently many people thought it was worth it to have a custom tape made for around $1000 each! You can actually still put up the money to make them bring your fetish to life and buy any video from their collection. I would bet money that it's mainly one or two guys keeping them in business. Looking through their catalog, it appears Suzi was strangled to death at least half a dozen times. She has also been employed more than once by king dirtbag Bill Zebub.

Suzi is the ultimate woman. She's a horror fan, she's funny, she has trained herself to become a talented actress (she sucked for a while), and she's one of the hottest women ever to walk the planet Earth. She also has a fear of cockroaches with mullets, which makes me love her deeply. Suzi is always super enthusiastic about promoting all of her work whenever any moron wants to interview her, and there are a lot of them.

She has now produced at least three films through making connections to others in the horror realm. She co-wrote the 2009 horror-comedy Won Ton Baby! which has received surprising praise. The amount of her movies in pre and post-production is mind-boggling. She has even been a contributor to horror magazines such as Germany's "Virus."

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