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Monday, July 11, 2011

Worst Movies Ever #5

Subspecies (1991)
This disastrous Full Moon franchise set a slew of other low-budget movies into motion. God help the 1990s.

These films, with their idiotic little stop-motion ghoul/vampire creatures, actually acquired a bit of a following. I guess people were just really hungry for horror movies in the 90s. The 80s seemed to revitalize everyone's love for the macabre. But there actually were plenty of great underrated horror movies in the decade that followed! People bitch too much about how shitty the genre got in this decade, but it just got a bad wrap because of a few pieces of shit that somehow became noteworthy; I'm looking at you Scream.

I've actually become so worked up thinking about how much money talentless people can make on crap like this that I've begun to have a panic attack that's led me to listen to Peter Frampton's Show Me The Way, on an endless loop. Damn you Charles Band! (Band is the creator of Full Moon Pictures).
It's too bad because Full Moon was previously called Empire Pictures and released good stuff under that name like 1985's Re-Animator. The transition to Full Moon certainly doesn't help the reputation of the 90s. Although, they weren't all this bad.
Rating: 0 out of 5. And they made 4 sequels too!
One of the series has William Shatner's daughter Melanie in it. That's her. Handsome woman.


  1. Technically, if you want to be thorough, you could mention that 'Vampire Diaries' (the third 'sequel') spun-off a film called 'Decadent Evil,' which itself had a sequel- 'Decadent Evil 2.'

    I would say this- I don't consider 'Subspecies' to be one of the worst movies ever. Hell, it's not even the worst Full Moon film ever. If you want that, check out stuff like 'The Killer Eye,' 'Puppet Master vs the Demonic Toys' or 'Doll Graveyard.'

  2. Those will probably all end up on this list. I just hate Subspecies so much. Sorry, just so bad.