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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top 10 Tales from the Crypt Hotties

The number one reason to rewatch some Tales from the Crypt! More great females of the 1990s! The women on this list are not necessarily the hottest women in the show. Instead, this list ranks the women who are the hottest in their respective episodes.

1) Michelle Johnson in Season 3's Split Second. Also see her in Waxwork.
2) Patricia Arquette in Season 2's Four-Sided-Triangle. Also see her in Lost Highway and True Romance.
3) Teri Polo from Season 6's Revenge Is the Nuts. Also see her in Northern Exposure and Meet the Parents. Although I advice against seeing Meet the Parents or the sequels at all.
4) The Twins from Season 4's Split Personality.
 5) Brooke Shields from Season 5's Came the Dawn. Also see her in Alice, Sweet Alice and The Blue Lagoon.
6) Nina Siemaszko from Season 5's Creep Course. So I've got a thing for nerds, don't pretend you don't! Also see her in Wild Orchid II.
7) Lysette Anthony from Season 5's Forever Ambergris. Just see her in this, trust me.
8) Sherrie Rose from Season 4's On a Deadman's Chest and Season 6's Only Skin Deep.
9) Kate Vernon from Season 5's Till Death Do We Part. Also see her in Dangerous Touch.
10) Traci Lords from Season 5's Two for the Show. Also see her in.. well, ya know.


  1. Ah, now this is definitely my kind of thing. May I also suggest a post on the hottest horror shower scenes also? :) BTW Lysette Anthony was outstanding in a British comedy called "Three Up, Two Down" though she was quite special in "Dark Shadows" of course too. Also, if you haven't gone through it yet, a horror series called "The Hunger" has some exceptional tottie in each episode as well.

  2. I've seen a few episodes of The Hunger and I was taken aback by how horrible the show is, but it definitely does have some great women in it. I'll get on the shower scenes post, but it might take a while because I'll really have to rack my brain for it.