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Friday, July 22, 2011

Anthology or GTFO

It's been since the disastrous "Masters of Horror" follow-up "Fear Itself" that we've had a genre anthology show, so it's about time somebody stepped up. It's just too bad that the step-uppers aren't closer to the hearts of horror fans. Jamie Foxx and Method Man are two of the stars headlining the horror show "Night Tales." This Foxx produced show (not Fox thankfully) is being shopped around to different cable networks and has been for forever. I first read about it 7 months ago in Rue Morgue Magazine. The show will have 26 episodes over two seasons, with running times around 30 minutes. It'll be a hybrid of Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone according to the producers but I'm guessing they're being a little generous. They also say that they are trying to appeal to the "Youtube audience," whatever the hell that means. Jamie Foxx wrote the pilot episode, which is oddly supposed to be a selling point. The hosts will be Denise Richardson and Stacey Dash.
This show just needs to be put on some network already. They have already filmed some of it in Los Angeles so they obviously know what kind of network can air their type of content. Stay tuned for more news on this. I'm sure there'll be more soon whether it's good or bad.

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