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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exploitation Women Spotlight #4

Charlie Spradling
Best known for:
"Puppet Master II"
"To Sleep with a Vampire"
"Bad Channels"

My fellow blogger Geof over at The Man-Cave inspired me to write up a piece about b-movie actress Charlie Spradling. It's been a while since I remember seeing Ms. Spradling in anything, but recently I learned she looks quite different now. For one thing, she now has long blonde hair instead of her signature coal black, poofy hair. Perhaps her changed appearance is why I don't remember seeing her recently. But flashback to the late 1980s, she was a low-budget horror movie goddess. Charlie always stood out because of her smoldering looks and smoky voice.
Charlie was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1968. Most know her from the Full Moon movies she did such as Puppet Master II and To Sleep with a Vampire. She had leads in both of them and also starred alongside a young Sherilyn Fenn in the erotic monster story Meridian: Kiss of the Beast. She also had a small role in the third episode of Sherilyn Fenn's show at the time, Twin Peaks.

She not only starred in these movies, she was hired as a spokesperson for Full Moon Entertainment. I remember seeing her after the end credits of whatever Full Moon movie I was watching, advertising the various finished and in-development movies. She also peddled their newsletter in these segments while dressed up like a total Full Moon whore. You can take that comment two ways, but I meant it not as a comment on her as a woman.

I believe the segments were called Video Zone. I have no idea how the fuck I remember that. My mind clearly has its priorities straight.

She was married to actor Jason London, of 7th Heaven and Dazed & Confused, for almost a decade and had a daughter with him. I guess she was just too much woman for Randall 'Pink' Floyd. According to a TMZ article from back in March, Spradling got sole custody of their daughter when their divorce was finalized. Something tells me he was a bad boy.

Here is one of her video segments that I mentioned. Damn, she really wore the hell outta those jeans, eh?
Newcomers to Ms. Spradling's work should start with To Sleep with a Vampire. You'll thank me later, trust me. Mirror, Mirror is another one of her early movies where she gets to show off.

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  1. The best one was "Meridien" or, as it was known in the UK, "Phantoms". Charlie Spradling being tupped by a werewolf was pretty awesome. ;)