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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Worst Movies Ever #2

Last Lives (1997)
This craptacular piece of 90s “sci-fi” was about a bunch of guys (one or two from the future) trying to get some from Jennifer Rubin from what I remember. The two douche-faces in the poster are said horny bastards. You can tell everyone involved in Last Lives stopped trying after about 10 minutes.
When I watched it, many years ago, I was in a Jennifer Rubin-obsessed state. I had recently seen A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, so I had it bad for Jennifer and Patricia Arquette (who smartly ISN'T in this). I was on a total Jennifer Rubin kick, so naturally I rented this because it was listed on her IMDB credits. I didn't pay attention to the terribly low IMDB rating it had because I didn't trust those anyway... big mistake.

Reasons why it's so bad: Jennifer Rubin keeps all of her clothing on and oh yah, the movie's story will bore you to tears. Rating: 0 out of 5.
Poor Jennifer Rubin. Someday she'll make it out of the 90s.


  1. I actually trust the IMDb ratings when it comes to sci-fi films but never for anything else. It's a shame about Jennifer Rubin but she's probably too busy milking the autograph selling cash cow at conventions to even care about acting anymore.

  2. True about Jennifer Rubin. All of the recent pictures of her are from conventions! I wonder if the lack of Stephen Baldwin softcore movies hurt her career in recent years.

  3. Ah, Ms. Rubin. I think I still have my dub of A WOMAN, HER MEN AND HER FUTON from '92. I don't think I knew what a futon was back then.

  4. Those kind of movies are the sole reason I miss the 90s. I never saw that one, but I've got a feeling it could easily take a spot on this list too.