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Monday, May 9, 2011

Exploitation Women Spotlight #1

Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith
Best known for:
"Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural" (1973)
"Caged Heat" (1974)
"Cinderella" (1977)

Some might call her a tragic figure, others might call her a casualty of the streets of L.A. Cheryl started off playing an innocent child in "Lemora" and went on to have a sleazy softcore career. She battled with a heroin addiction that seemed to eventually destroy her. She spent time in actual prison after starring in the women in prison (WIP) flick "Caged Heat." It was because of her addiction that she was led down this dark road. Later in life, she was homeless and spent life in and out of shelters. Cheryl eventually died from hepatitis in 2002. There were many that knew her who spoke extremely kind words about her after her death.

The Catholic League of Decency did their best to ban "Lemora." As we all know, controversy is always good for our disrespected horror genre that often goes unnoticed.

The following is what Cheryl wrote in 1985, regarding her lead role in Cinderella and roles she never got to do, to Bill George of the discontinued website Red Hot Planet: "At first I was leary about doing a film w/ so much nudity. I did need work & I felt I needed a leading role. After reading the script--I reailized it if were to be an X it would probibly be the softest ever made. I found the script very funny & as light as a feather. So when I landed it i rode it through. I enjoyed working for my Italian friends the Bands. And worked for them again--starring in "Laserblast" and "Parasite" We've had discussions on ideas of my own for films and parts I personally would care to do. Hopefully in the future these things will come about. I love adventures, travel, comedy as well as Westerns (actually films about the west!). Cowgirl movies & rock-n-roll!"
R.I.P. 1957-2002

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