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Sunday, April 17, 2011

SEX, SEX, SEX: Game of Thrones is a link to a new article from Entertainment Weekly intended to promote Game of Thrones, and it's once again about the sex in the show. Thrones is looking more and more like The Lord of the Rings meets Naughty Nurses from Neptune. Note: Naughty Nurses from Neptune doesn't exist, yet. I have high hopes that Jim Wynorski will get to it eventually when he's finally run out of ridiculous softcore names.

Watching the show, for a large part of the intended audience, will most likely go like this: Wait, who is he? Is he the guy that was just beheading that dwarf? Or is he the one who is married to that princess? Oh forget it, fap fap fap. Tune in tonight for the premiere.

And just to leave you very uncomfortable is a picture of Jim Wynorski and a creepy ginger kid.

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