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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jeremiah Kipp Short Films

Indie filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp directed the horror film "The Sadist" starring Tom Savini. These are two of Kipp's short films.

This chick has issues. A young woman is "crestfallen" and attempts suicide. The main character mourns loss, but learns before it is too late that life might still have worth. The short looks good and not just because of lead actress Deneen Melody.

I do often wonder myself what it takes for us to really kill ourselves, and the film ponders this too. It accentuates the thoughtfulness of filmmakers that embrace the dark. Crestfallen isn't horror, but gripping and dripping with blood all the same. In her decision to stay alive in hardship, Melody portrays a character we can all relate to.


This short is a simple story that's made very haunting because of its visuals. Very few words are spoken and yet much is conveyed, I mean MUCH. A selfish girl learns what really matters, once again, after a bad trip. Her trip is so bad in fact that she experiences her own little horror film. Good directing from Kipp and really nice make-up effects from Daniel J. Mazikowski. This one turns extra nasty several minutes in and it was a smart idea to go with black and white on this one. The color scheme gives it a disconcerting noir feel.

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