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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Night of the Demons (2010) Review

Night of the Demons (Remake)

This past decade the newest horrible trend in horror movies was remakes and they haven’t slowed down in 2010.  Night of the Demons is the newest in a string of low-budget straight-to-DVD remakes that nobody cares about.  In this case that lack of an audience is probably a good, errr… great thing.  It stars Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie, taking another ‘Attractive Girl #3’ role; Monica Keena, best known as the female-lead in Freddy vs. Jason; and Edward Furlong from Terminator 2, who looks like he died of a drug overdose before this was filmed.  It takes place at a haunted Halloween party much like the original 80s film which this is sorta based on.  In this one the cast are supposed to be young adults instead of teenagers like in the 80s movie.

The movie starts out trying to give us a backstory.  The opening scene starts out in the exterior of an old mansion and a title-card reads Broussard Family Mansion, New Orleas, 1925.  Then just in case you missed that this supposed to take place in olden times there is a sepia-tint over everything.  It also plays out like a silent film with no dialogue, and words coming across the screen to give us the dialogue like in a silent film.  This makes absolutely no sense because it’s not a film-within-a-film and makes it feel very self-conscious.  In this sequence a woman gets ready to hang herself from a balcony while her husband (we assume) tells her not to.  He assures her that it’s him, and she states, “No it’s not.”  She then violently hangs herself and while he looks at her body his eyes change colors like a, brace yourself, demon!  After that it switches to present day and a bunch of uninteresting girls are getting ready to go to a party at the exact same mansion and eventually evil ensues.

My problems with the movie are that it doesn’t have a real style and doesn’t have the creepiness that the original Night of the Demons had.  That’s probably due to mediocre make-up effects and very poorly written characters and dialogue.  Before the partiers end up being killed off one by one the film lets us get to know everyone a little bit.  Three girls have a conversation that seems ripped right out of an average Sex and the City episode.  They talk about their ‘brazilians’ and make pussy jokes, so it’s clear off the bat that this was written by a man.  Things only get worse though on the car ride over to the party where one woman with humongous cleavage says to her friend, I shit you not, “You worked at Taco Bell?!  That is awesome!”  Taco Bell must have been this gem’s one sponsor.

There is some melodrama having to do with exes and owing money to bad guys here and there, but for the most part is just what you’d expect.  There’s lots of false scares and running around sobbing.  Edward Furlong is seeming to channel Mark Wahlberg in his painful insincerity, but for the most part the acting is actually the film’s strongest aspect.  They do their best to make the script slightly more believable.  Bobbie Sue Luther is one actress that looks more like a playboy model than an actress but she makes the most of her supporting role.

By now you know what I thought of Night of the Demons.  It’s not like anyone goes into this movie thinking it’ll be good, I’ll say it deserves a 1 out of 5.

There's a rumor that that's how they got Mr. Furlong to star in this film.